Join us in our vision of transforming Shops into omni-channel affiliates 

You can start today

We help the the local shop to expand their existing business, increase their margins and becoming an omni-channel affiliate. 

And you can start today.

The compensation you deserve 

Betmarket is providing partnerships with leading Online e-commerce companies that are interested in expanding their business into retail. 

Our contracts secures high commission on offline sales, CPA for registering new customers as well as revenue share on online sales for your customers.

Sell your online products offline

When you are live with Storemarket, you can sell your online products in an offline channel. Reaching customers that you would not reach otherwise.

We help you get going

We facilitate training and sales support. 

Your OTC terminal is user friendly and provides real time reporting on sales in total and per clerk. 

Our partners provides various marketing and promotion material such as floor stands, posters, stickers and flags depending of what is suitable for your specific store. 

We engage and incentivise sales staff by running competitions and coaching.

Farzan & Freddie, 

Head of Partner & Product development Retail

Experience: Farzan & Freddie own one of the leading betting stores in Sweden. Farzan was in the board of  Direkten, a leading betting store chain.

Our Shops

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